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October 4, 2012
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Hunger games fashion: The careers (commish) by Vilva Hunger games fashion: The careers (commish) by Vilva
So here are the career girls, before the chariot rides :la: or the interview with Caesar I suppose :XD: From left to right:
:fish:District 4 (fishing): This one was my favorite to draw/ design! I knew the color scheme I wanted to use, but I couldn't decide whether I wanted to stick with the water or fish theme. So I tried combining the two by liquifying the sleeves and.. fish-ifying the skirt. C:
:flirty:District 1 (luxury): I wanted this one to give off a more elegant vibe. Initially, it was just going to be a long dress with a halter top, a sparkle overload, and a very simple white-ish color scheme. I stuck with the first two plans, but then I got inspired by the grapefruit I was eating, hence the colors. :T
:worker: District 2 (masonry): I was debating whether or not I wanted peacekeeper elements in this one, but decided against it and went all lithic. It was actually really fun to design :,D I'm just not sure how it'd ever be made into a real dress.. though I suppose through an excessive amount of wires it could work? :shrug:
They aren't in order, obviously : P. I just lined them up in the order I thought looked the best. ^^;

tumblr'd here!: [link] (un-watermarked/ smaller)

This was actually a commission, done for somebody I met over an internship! :D She doesn't have da :C But she's a HUGE hg fan; she saw some of my fashion sketches, liked them, and asked me to draw this, with herself as one of the models! (She's the masonry gal and yes, that hair is a pretty accurate portrayal! :,D) I've already sent the unwatermarked versions over, but in case she ever checks this… Melenie Yin, thanks again for commissioning me and giving me the opportunity! :aww: Now I'm tempted to draw the rest of the districts! :XD:

art/designs © me, Vivian Lin :iconvilva:
Please refrain from using or altering without my permission! Thank you!

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EDIT: :iconohmyglobplz: What- a DD?? Ahhh I did not see this coming AT ALL! :happycry: Thank you so much for the comments and faves!! Now my heart's all happy! :,D
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makorragal312 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2013
Surprisingly, I love the District 4 one!
Andi-chin Featured By Owner May 13, 2013  Student Digital Artist
It's awesome that you got inspired by a grapefruit!!!
Ninjakitty188 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Student Artist
yur so right! I wish I was inspired by an orange...
Andi-chin Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Student Digital Artist
RaffaSanches Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2013  Student Interface Designer
I don't watch this serie, but LOVE IT!!!!
Manduzz Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2013
OMFG :eyepopping:
XeniaJenny Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Hobbyist
Ok, I don't know the characters from 'The Hunger Games' but these looks so pretty and elegant and marvelous!!! I just love them!!! :love:
hanazaki462anime Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You should work for Cinna.
Dusceja Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Student General Artist
Amazing! I can't say wich dress I like the most ... they're all beautiful ... *.*
Eevee-Chibi Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
The girl from district 4 is my favorite. She looks so cheerful and nice comparing to the others. This is gorgeous.
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